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PROBLEM: I am new to Windows 95/98 and I want to play your game. How do I get it and run it?

ANSWERS: To install my game, click on the link that will download the GINRUMMY.ZIP file. This will save it to your computer. A good place to save it when it prompts you is in C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP so you can find it easily and erase it completely when you are done. It will put the saved file as an icon on the desktop screen if you do so.

The next step is to extract the executable and documentation files from the ZIP archive. There is a link on my page that explains ZIP files in more detail. If you double-click on the GINRUMMY.ZIP icon (if you put it on the desktop) it should run some kind of ZIP exctraction program, like WinZip. If not, then there is a link to download WinZip on my homepage. Install this and then try again to open the GINRUMMY.ZIP file.

Once you have extracted the files to some directory on your hard drive (like C:\GAMES), you then need to create a shortcut link to it (unless you also put the files on the desktop, but doing that with a lot of files will soon make things crowded). My game is a DOS program, but it runs fine under Windows. This means that it doesn't have a setup or install program to create program groups and icons automatically. You must manually do this by right-clicking on an empty spot on the desktop and selecting "New -> Shortcut" and then browse to the GINRUMMY.EXE (the executable file that runs the game, wherever you put it when you extracted the files) and select it, name the shortcut, and save it. You now should have a link to the game on your desktop, and you can delete the GINRUMMY.ZIP archive if you want. Alternately you can run the GINRUMMY.EXE file from your Windows File Manager or Explorer program, or from a DOS prompt.

There are two other files in the same location that are the documentation for the game, and when it is first run, the game will create several files to save your statistics and options. You can also read the documentation from a link on the GinRummy homepage, and I strongly recommend reading about game options and controls, etc. or you can use Window's NotePad to view the GINRUMMY.DOC file on your system. Keep in mind that many of the instruction I give in were written years ago before Windows was popular and assumes that the user understands some DOS commands.

PROBLEM: I just found out about your GINRUMMY game and downloaded the full game zip file and the "PK250DOS.exe" file to a disk. My problem is that I really don't know what to do after that. I use Windows 3.1 for browsing the web, but mostly I run programs from DOS.

ANSWERS: I assume you have basic knowledge of DOS and know how to move around in it with the CD (change directory) command.

That PK250DOS.exe file is a self-extracting zip file. Running it (just type the name and hit enter) will extract the contents, including PKZIP.EXE and PKUNZIP.EXE, the two most important ones. If you want, put the file in an empty directory on your hard drive, (to create a directory type: MKDIR \ARCHIVE or MKDIR \ZIPS or some other name) and make sure you have enough free disk space (type DIR or CHKDSK). Once you have the pkunzip.exe file you can use it to extract the GinRummy zip file. Typing PKUNZIP all by itself and hitting enter gives you the many command line options, but all you need to do is type PKUNZIP GINRUMMY.ZIP Assuming ginrummy is in the same directory, that will extract the files to that directory.

Another example: if you have pkunzip in the \ZIPS directory on drive C: and on a floppy disk A: in the main root directory and want to put all the extracted files in the \GAMES directory on drive D: then type C:\ZIPS\PKUNZIP.EXE A:\GINRUMMY.ZIP D:\GAMES Once you have extracted the game files, you can just type GINRUMMY when in the correct directory to start the game. Documentation (.DOC files) can be looked at by any text viewer, and I recommend reading about game options and commands.

If all the above does not help, you need to read your system help files more, or get a book about basic DOS or Windows skills, or find a friend who knows more about computers. Good luck.

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