GinRummy Version History

Version 5.6 - 03/30/2004
  - GinRummy is no longer shareware, but free for unlimited use
      with no nag screens or regsitration reminders.  Enjoy.

Version 5.5 - 03/10/2000
  - finally found out how to fix the "Error 200" crash when the
      program was run on newer faster computers.

Version 5.4 - 10/03/98
  - fixed a few bugs where some pauses weren't working when hitting
      the keyboard to clear messages instead of the mouse.
  - changed the knock formula again, trying to make a smarter and
      more aggressive computer player.
  - made the computer use the old knock formula when EASY is chosen 
      in the options menu.
Version 5.3 - 02/12/98
  - changed the order of the names in the score box to more plainly
      show that the computers cards are on top and the player's cards
      are on the bottom, per suggestion.
  - added mouse selection of names in the options menu name change
      listing instead of just viewing them and then having to still
      type it in manually in the name box.
  - fixed a screen-clearing bug that only happened when playing the
      game with the NOBLANK option.
  - changed the address of my GinRummy and Cribbage homepage to

Version 5.2 - 10/10/97
  - added the optional values of 10, 15, 20, or 25 points for the gin
      score and for the undercut score instead of just one alternate.
  - added a button to show the names in the statistics file when
      changing the player name so that you can easily go back to
      a name you used in the past without having to remember it.
  - changed some more of the colors so as to have a little more
      variety in the program instead of just blue and red and green.

Version 5.1 - 5/27/97
  - improved the pace of play with indicators (like placing its cards
      selections in the middle of the screen) and added small delays
      to make the computer seem more like a real, but fast, opponent.
  - added more verbose text descriptions when knocking.
  - swapped the left and right mouse buttons when changing the score
      limit on the options screen to feel more intuitive.
  - updated and spell-checked the documentation some more.
  - added instructions when changing the player name in the options menu.
  - other small miscellaneous changes.

Version 5.0 - 01/03/96
  - fixed a longtime bug in the statistics saving where if you
      changed your name to another name in the list that was not
      the first, it would overwrite the first name with the new one.

Version 4.8 - 12/09/95
  - added animation (movement) of the cards when drawing and
      discarding using a variable timing routine.
  - added another hot-spot. You can now click on the drawn card
      in the middle of the screen to discard it.

Version 4.7 - 11/02/94
  - changed the registration address again, my phone number is the
      same though.
  - removed the graphic file for the card backs until I can do
      a better job drawing and implementing them. If you REALLY
      liked them, let me know and I'll put them back in later.
  - as per popular request, I now pop up a box when the computer
      takes your discard and pause for 5 seconds or until a key
      or mouse button is pressed.
  - put in a requested NOKEYBOARD "baby switch" that will disable
      most keyboard input during play, using the mouse only.
  - enhanced the sorting for a smarter arrangement of the cards
      when knocking. (Ex. 7-6-5 4-4-4-4 instead of 7-6-5-4 4-4-4
      so that the opponent couldn't lay off the 3-2 in suit.)

Version 4.6 - 05/10/94
  - added the ability to read the pattern of the card backs from
      a random spot on a 640x350x16 pcx file, if present.
  - fixed a few small screen junk bugs.

Version 4.5 - 02/02/94
  - changed the CRC error checking routine to be more accurate.
  - greatly reduced the size of the executable file.
  - fixed a bug that didn't allow keyboard play after using the
      mouse to cancel a command selection.

Version 4.4 - 01/06/94
  - all keyboard keys now work when using a mouse so that you
      can now play with mixed controls.
  - improved the computer knock formula again.
  - replaced KEYBOARD command line option with the NODISK option.
  - added the VIEW command line option to view the documentation file.
  - fixed a screen junk bug when changing the player name using
      the mouse.
  - fixed some minor color bugs using Hercules graphics.

Version 4.3 - 09/22/93
  - finally fixed the program so that the mouse can be used on
      Hercules and MDA graphics systems.
  - changed the NOBLANK option as workaround for people who cannot
      access their mouse in the Options, High Scores, or Statistics
      screens. It now eliminates all video paging.
  - fixed a bug that did not put the +/- sign in the options menu
      when using Hercules graphics and the keyboard.

Version 4.2 - 06/25/93
  - added CRC checksum self-validation of the executable file to
      catch possible virus, hacking, or file corruption errors.
  - changed my address and phone number for those who want to
      register or have questions.
  - fixed a small bug when exiting to dos under a file error.

Version 4.1 - 03/30/93
  - added a feature that when you select a box with the mouse
      button while holding it down, you can cancel that selection
      by moving the mouse off the box before releasing the button.
  - vastly improved the appearance of the "small" cards by actually
      drawing all of the suits instead of using the character set.
  - sped up the drawing of all the cards by drawing the suit once,
      saving the image, and then using image puts thereafter.
  - changed the boss key/screen saver hot key from space bar to
      the ESCAPE key to help avoid accidental activation.
  - drew lines under the active keys for two color systems that
      could not see the highlighted letters during keyboard play.
  - improved the sorting of cards in hand to find better matches.
      This fixed several unusual wrong sorting combinations.
  - altered the computer's knock formula, so to be less chance of
      him stupidly knocking late in the hand.
  - added the gin score points and the undercut score points in
      the options menu to allow for more variant play rules.
  - when you are asked whether to knock, you now have the option
      to play that hand to gin, instead of saying NO many times.
  - the computer now remembers what cards have been buried in the
      discard pile, and will consider this when choosing his play.
      The hint feature also now takes that into consideration too.
  - added support for the single video page AT&T 400 and PC3270
      graphics drivers, and improved the 64k EGA (non-)paging.
      (I can't test these, so if they don't work, let me know.)
  - encrypted the high score and statistics files so that there is
      no temptation to cheat. Your old files will be converted.
  - added the LIST command line option to view the contents of the
      statistics file. This must be the first switch used.
  - when the screen saver activates within the options menu, high
      score file, or stats screen, you now return to that screen
      upon exit instead of to the main menu.
  - bugs fixed:
      - you could not go to the screen saver until the keyboard 
          buffer was empty if you hit keys during mouse play.
      - when quitting a game back to the menu, you would sometimes 
          have to choose Begin Game twice to re-start.
      - the options screen sometimes showed the wrong mouse pointer
          number when not using a mouse.
      - you could not manually activate the boss key from within
          the statistics screen while in keyboard mode.
      - laying off cards when knocking put only one of a two-card
          run onto to begining of the other player's matching run.
      - if GinRummy was run in the root directory of any disk, the
          save files would not be read unless a path was specified.
      - when quitting before the end of a game, the average score
          per hand was wrongly calculated by the current hand number
          instead of by the number of hands that were finished.

Version 4.0 - 02/01/93
  - enabled GinRummy to run on write-protected and/or read-only
      disk drives by improving file I/O error handling.
  - added the command line option to put all the save files on
      a specified path.
  - fixed a bug where the GO option did not return to the main
      screen after a game.
  - vastly improved the appearance of the "big" cards by actually
      drawing all of the suits instead of using the character set.
  - now completely disabled mouse play when the KEYBOARD option
      is turned on. (no mixing of command control)
  - doubled the screen blanker time limit from 1 second per score
      limit point to 2 seconds per point. (it seemed too quick)
  - fixed a bug that did not choose the best card when the hand was
      sorted in suit order and the hint function was used.
  - activated the mouse cursor in the high score screen to enable
      the manual boss key function from it.
  - added a decimal place (tenths) when showing the three average
      calculations in the statistics screen.
  - fixed a minor screen junk bug for some lower case letters in
      the player's name dropping below the input box.
  - now you can exit the screen blanker with a key press when using
      a mouse to play.
  - added help screen for command line options from dos prompt.

Version 3.6 - 11/04/92
  - added a new score file that keeps running statistics of your 
      average score per hand, total number of games and hands,
      and number of games won and lost against the computer.
      This file works for multiple players (up to 20).
  - fixed bug of not ending the hand correctly when it was played
      to a draw.
  - fixed minor screen junk bug in options menu in keyboard mode.

Version 3.5 - 06/15/92
  - eliminated recursive procedure calling to fix stack overflow.
      This was a fatal out-of-memory error that happened when 
      playing the game for a long time (many hands).
  - now shows winner when quitting before score limit is reached,
      if more than one hand is played.
  - fixed minor screen junk bug when knocking.

Version 3.4 - 03/18/92
  - added green highlighted boxes when making any choices using 
      the mouse, to help distinguish your choice better.
  - fixed a bug that would choose a different discard than the
      one clicked on if you moved the mouse pointer to another 
      card while the button was held down.
  - fixed hint function when EASY option is on. The hint function
      uses the computer's playing logic, so when the EASY option 
      was on, the hint's pick was just as stupid as the computer.
  - fixed a minor bug when changing player name using the mouse.
      Any keys previously pressed would be put into the player
      name when the box was clicked on with the mouse.
  - made some minor improvements for monochrome displays.

Version 3.3 - 02/27/92
  - fixed a screen blanking bug when using the mouse.
  - added the NOBLANK command line option to disable the screen 
      saving function.
  - fixed a keyboard lockup bug.
  - made some misc. small changes.

Version 3.2 - 02/09/92
  - added Hercules graphics support.
  - improved all of the monochrome graphics quality.
  - added LAPTOP switch for better LCD displays.
  - added a screen saver which can also be used as a boss key.
  - zero average scores are no longer saved in the score file.
  - changed mouse cursor 7 from hourglass to a crossed circle.
  - shows mouse cursor as a little floppy diskette when program
      is doing disk access. (how cute!)
  - major updates and re-ordering of the documentation file.
  - fixed a bug similar to version 3.1 error that would not allow
      changing the player name in the options menu by keyboard.

Version 3.1 - 01/30/92
  - fixed the bug that would not allow you to remain in the
      options menu when in keyboard mode and mouse not present.

Version 3.0 - 01/14/92
  - added hints button/key for tips on drawing and discarding.
  - now supports monochrome EGA and VGA graphics.
  - you can now undo an accidental draw from the discard pile.
  - improved the computer's drawing/discarding choice routines.
  - replaced non-working help with high scores box on main screen.
  - increased saved high scores from 10 to 20.
  - you can now view the high scores from within the program,
      instead of only when exiting.
  - changing the mouse pointer is now done from the options menu.
  - fixed a minor bug that gave the wrong ranking when creating 
      a new high score file.
  - fixed some bugs when sorting cards in a certain arrangements.

Version 2.4 - 10/07/91
  - uncluttered the title screen by adding an Options Menu.
  - you can now save (almost) all of the game options to disk.
  - changed to new mouse driver unit for better mouse function.
  - there are now 7 different mouse cursors to choose from.
  - unsorted cards can be in either Rank or Suit order.
  - knocking can be disabled. (play until Gin)
  - put cards of same value, when sorting by rank, into bridge      
      suit order: spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs.
  - fixed a bug in card sorting that would not take a card off of
      the end of a run when there was a match possible with two
      unused cards.

Version 2.3 - 05/07/91
  - changed the single color bars to a solid bar over the entire
      run or set, to help distinguish each set.
  - added a cursor when changing your name from main menu.
  - better working when mouse and keyboard are both active.
  - fixed a bug that put a green bar instead of a blue bar over
      four of a kind sets.
  - fixed a VGA to EGA conversion bug that did not draw the red
      bar over the discard pile when computer chooses from it.
  - fixed a bug where you sometimes could not exit the game after
      pressing a few keyboard keys when in mouse mode.
  - fixed a minor bug when double-clicking the quit box.
  - GinRummy is now Copyrighted 1991.

Version 2.2 - 04/26/91
  - only an EGA or better video card is now required.
  - GinRummy can now be played using either the mouse or the 
  - added the KEYBOARD option for false mouse detection.
  - added the option for an EASY computer player for wimps.
  - changed the KNOCK card and the QUIT box displays.
  - put a red box on the knock card when it is a spade and the
      Oklahoma option is active.

Version 2.1 - 03/24/91
  - added a counter on the screen for number of hands played.
  - when changing the score limit from the intro screen, the left
      and right mouse buttons now decrease or increase the score
      limit. (respectively)
  - fixed bug when showing scores over 999.
  - fixed a bug in the number of hands counter when quitting
      to the intro screen, and then beginning another game.
      (Discovered about 20 minutes after releasingVersion 2.0)
  - more room allocated on the stack for recursive procedure
      calling, (say what?) to eliminate occasional fatal errors.
  - misc. code streamlining for faster play.

Version 2.0 - 03/22/91
  - made the computer player much smarter at discarding.
      Having the computer choose better when discarding, you now
      face a MUCH tougher opponent than before.
  - added a score file to save ten best average game scores.
  - can now input/change player's name in main menu.
  - improved the card sorting and hand ordering for both players.
  - now shows the points scored when undercutting.
  - improved the BIG cards appearance. (Diamonds at least)
  - fixed a major bug in the Oklahoma option scoring that occurs
      when drawing the first card of the discard pile if it is a
      spade and the discard is not, or vice versa. (Thanks Kevin)
  - fixed a bug that incorrectly counted the score when laying 
      off a face card.
  - fixed a bug where the game would not end if a player's score
      was exactly the same as the game score limit.
  - did a general playability refinement, and many misc changes.

Version 1.2 - 02/01/91
  - added the GO command line option.
  - added the counter of cards left in deck.
  - added option for the player's name.
  - shows the score limit during play.

Version 1.1 - 01/19/91
  - added the option for big cards.
  - added command line options.
  - added version number for future releases.

First Uploaded Release - 12/03/90 - (no version number)
  - fixed a bug in the discard pile.
  - minor playing changes.

USF Engineering Technology Senior Project - 08/05/90
  - first playable version.

Nostalgia fans! If you want to see my ORIGINAL 1990 version of Ginrummy here is the un-zipped GIN-VGA.EXE (40k) file. Featuring only a score limit and Oklahoma as options, VGA graphics and a mouse are both required. Try this out for a laugh and to see how far my game has really come since then. It will not mess up your current configuration, statistics, or high score files since it does not even use them.

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