Cribbage Version History

Version 2.7 - 03/30/2004
  - Cribbage is no longer shareware, but free for unlimited use
      with no nag screens or regsitration reminders.  Enjoy.

Version 2.6 - 03/10/2000
  - finally found out how to fix the "Error 200" crash when the
      program was run on newer faster computers.

Version 2.5 - 02/12/98
  - added mouse selection of names in the options menu name change
      listing instead of just viewing them and then having to still
      type it in manually in the name box.
  - fixed a screen-clearing bug that only happened when playing the
      game with the NOBLANK option.
  - changed the address of my GinRummy and Cribbage homepage to
  - changed the color of a few more things.

Version 2.4 - 08/12/97
  - fixed a bug since version 2.3 that would say "31" instead of
      "heels" when the starter was a jack and 2 points were scored.
  - added a button to show the names in the statistics file when
      changing the player name so that you can easily go back to
      a name you used in the past without having to remember it.
  - added instructions when changing the player name in the options
      menu (by request).
  - changed some more of the colors so as to have a little more
      variety in the program instead of just blue and red and green.
  - now says "Computer's Crib" and "(player name)'s Crib" instead of
      "Your Crib" and "My Crib" to eliminate a bit of confusion.
  - a few small timing changes and play improvements.

Version 2.3 - 11/19/96
  - fixed a longtime bug that didn't usually give you credit for
      having all four cards plus the starter add up to fifteen
      when counting points at the end of a hand.
  - changed some of the peg colors to make them easier to see.
  - someone told me that 2 points for getting 31 is not called
      a "go" but just "31".  I put this in, correct me if wrong.
  - changed the option screen to more easily show that the muggins
      option depends on whether tallying is on or off.
  - broke up the documentation file to create a separate version
      history file, like I already have in Ginrummy.

Version 2.2 - 06/26/96
  - fixed a bug where the noblank option did not work, instead it 
      changed your name to "noblank".

Version 2.1 - 04/30/96
  - added an option to manually tally the points of your cards.
      You only score the total that you give. (on undercounting)
  - to go along with the above option is the new Muggins option.
      If you count wrong, your opponent gets the point difference.
  - added a variable delay option for how long the dialog boxes
      stay up on the screen. The PAUSE command-line option still
      works, and will override the setting in the options file.
  - fixed a bug in the statistics that read the stats file wrong
      if you averaged 10 or more point in you crib.
  - added peg counting animations when scoring points.

Version 2.0 - 01/03/96
  - added animation (movement) of the cards when drawing and
      discarding using a variable timing routine. (Well, sort
      of animations. Cards show up one at a time simulating the
      dealing, instead of all at once. Later I'll maybe add some
      real sliding of the cards around the screen and stuff.)
  - fixed a longtime bug in the statistics saving where if you
      changed your name to another name in the list that was not
      the first, it would overwrite the first name with the new one.

Version 1.9 - 11/02/94
  - changed the registration address again, my phone number is
      the same though.
  - removed the graphic file for the card backs until I can do
      a better job drawing and implementing them. If you REALLY
      liked them, let me know and I'll put them back in later.
  - put in a requested NOKEYBOARD "baby switch" that will disable
      most keyboard input during play and use the mouse only.
      The story behind this is that a user says she usually has
      her baby on her lap when playing, and the kid bangs on the
      keyboard while she plays and messes up her game and so she
      wanted a way to disable it and use only the mouse.  ;-}

Version 1.8 - 05/10/94
  - added the ability to read the pattern of the card backs from
      a random spot on a 640x350x16 pcx file, if present.
  - added the PAUSE option to not remove the score boxes after
      the usual 5 second wait so you can see the points better.
  - fixed a few small screen junk bugs.

Version 1.7 - 03/04/94
  - when the starter is a jack, it now says correctlly says
      "heels" instead of "nobs" when scoring.
  - fixed a bug that did not count all five cards for fifteen 

Version 1.6 - 02/10/94
  - added a box that shows the scores after each hand played.
  - changed the CRC error checking routine to be more accurate.
  - greatly reduced the size of the executable file.
  - fixed a bug that didn't allow the screen blanker to work if
      you had less than four cards in your hand.

Version 1.5 - 01/06/94
  - the new NODISK option was accidentally defaulted to TRUE,
      thereby no options or statistics could be saved or loaded.
  - fixed a bug that didn't allow keyboard play after using the
      mouse to cancel a command selection.

Version 1.4 - 11/10/93
  - all keyboard keys now work when using a mouse so that you
      can now play with mixed controls.
  - replaced KEYBOARD command line option with the NODISK option.
  - added the VIEW command line option to view the documentaion file.

Version 1.3 - 09/22/93
  - finally fixed the program so that the mouse can be used on
      Hercules and MDA graphics systems.
  - changed the NOBLANK option as workaround for people who cannot
      access their mouse in the Options, High Scores, or Statistics
      screens. It now eliminates all video paging.
  - fixed a bug that did not put the +/- sign in the options menu
      when using Hercules graphics and the keyboard.

Version 1.2 - 06/25/93
  - improved the formulas when choosing cards to discard that take
      into consideration which player is holding the crib.
  - changed stats to separately track the average number of points
      in your hand and crib, and got rid of average hands per game.
  - moved the mouse pointer away from the middle of the screen when
      starting a new game to not block the box that says who deals.
  - enhanced the logic when choosing a card to play for the hints
      and for the computer player.
  - fixed a bug that sometimes did not end a hand after all of the
      cards were played.
  - corrected an error which sometimes waited a turn before ending
      a game when the human player pegged the last hole for a win.
  - added CRC checksum self-validation of the executable file to
      catch possible virus, hacking, or file corruption errors.
  - changed my address and phone number for those who want to
      register or have questions.

Version 1.1 - 03/30/93
  - fixed a minor bug that indented the cards incorrectly when the
      dealer went next after a 'GO' was called.
  - corrected a few spelling errors in the program and in the
  - changed some of the screen layout and colors.

Version 1.0 - 03/29/93
  - converted my GinRummy (4.1) card game to Cribbage.

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